John Arrowood

Experience. Fairness. Integrity.

In April 2017, John Arrowood was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to fill a vacancy on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Judge Arrowood is running in 2018 to serve a full term on the Court.  He previously served on the Court from 2007-2008.  

It is an honor to serve you on the Court of Appeals.  My record reflects that I administered justice equally, fairly, and without favoritism, and I will do so for as long as I serve.

My life experiences, judicial service, 26 years of representing individuals and businesses in private practice, together with my community, civic, and religious involvement, make me uniquely qualified to serve you again.

A native North Carolinian, I lived my early life in rural Yancey County. My parents died when I was 15, and I went to live with my brother, a Highway Patrolman, in Lenoir.  I was educated in our public schools and obtained my law degree from Carolina.

I ask for your support and vote.  Thank you.

Meet John Arrowood